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DR Salsa dance tips and advice column 

Welcome to the world of Dr. Salsa, where salsaholics seek common sense advice on love, life and salsa. Send all questions to and he will see that Dr. Salsa responds

Dear Dr. Salsa : I am trying to to learn to dance on1 and on2 at the same time but I keep  getting confused all the time. I started to learn on1 at first and I do ok but these days everybody is dancing on both and I want to be one of those people , do you have any suggestions on how I can learn both easy? Signed Olivia lost and turned out.


Dr. Salsa: Dear Olivia lost and turned out , hold up no one ever said it was going to be easy. First of all I suggest you pick one way first and learn it up and down before you  try to learn another way. Burn the way you choose to learn to dance so it becomes second nature to you and then you can learn another way, without it being so confusing. You have to crawl before you walk.


Dear DR. Salsa: I have been taking classes for about 6 months and I go out every now and then but I am shy and I fear rejection so I rarely ask ladies to dance for fear of  them saying no to me. My ego is so fragile I cannot take rejection. Any Advice? Signed  Big Ego and Shy


DR. Salsa: Big Ego and Shy, you need to get a grip,  get over yourself. Hello? Iit's not all about you. Who are you that no one can never say no to you? Get real someone saying no to you is a part of life and you need to face that. Also you are missing out on so much fun just in case the lady says yes. Trust me it's worth risking being said no to hear the lady say yes . Go out tonight tonight and ask every lady you see to dance try it you might like it.


DR. Salsa: I dance on1 and on2 but the people in he salsa community brand me as a on2 dancer. I love to dance on1 just as well as on2 but the DJs' here tend to play a lot of mambo and I like to dance to the music being played , I do not force a certain style on all kinds of music  I dance to the style of  music being played. A lot of women will not dance with me because they think I just dance on2 when I really dance on both real well it does not matter to me. Should I stop dancing on2 for a while jus to show the ladies I dance on1? Signed I want to please the ladies


Dr. Salsa: Dear I want to please the ladies If your goal is to go out and please the ladies and the majority of the ladies that you want to please break on 1 then do what you have to do to get the job done . Now if yo can have fun dancing on1 when some great mambo music is  playing and you do dance on2 then  more power to you but I think that  is going to be hard and in the end you will not be happy pleasing the ladies , you should just comcentrate on pleasing yourself and be true to the music.

If the ladies cannot see that you can dance on both that is their problem just do your thing and dance on fun.

10 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Dance Classes Author: Kevin Shwe
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Once you've started your first dance class, it can become an addictive activity and it can become a regular part of your schedule. As well as being fun and a great form of fitness it's great to learn to be able to dance properly like the professionals as well.

Most of the time you will not be told how to make the most out of your dance classes, and as a result many people neglect things which can help them a lot with their dancing. Whereas if you learn HOW to learn and know what things in a dance class you should be paying attention to you can make your learning more effective.

Here are the things which you should be doing in your dance classes to get the most out of them and make the most progress:

1. Treat your dance classes as 'me' time and something you do for yourself. The more you have fun in the dance classes and enjoy yourself, the easier it is for your brain to learn, and besides it's much more fun!

2. Listen to what the dance teacher says, don't just copy them. Many times their words can describe the exact feel of the moves which can be hard to decipher by just watching.

3. Don't feel it's the end of the world if things are not going perfectly. Dance classes can be difficult at times and will stretch you - this is a good thing. If you treat each challenge as something you can master with practise, things can seem a lot less daunting.

4. Try and look exactly like the dance teacher. This includes the exact shapes they are making with their body, hand and feet, body angle, lines, tempo, rhythm and anything else you can pick up on!

5. Perform dance moves full out as much as you can.

6. Breathe while you dance, don't hold your breath!

7. Don't take short cuts. If the teacher shows you the way to do a move, it might seem like a lot of hard work but there'll be a reason they'll be teaching you to do things a certain way.

8. Every dance class and dance style is different. Try and learn every new style as it is without 'flavouring' it with other things you may have learnt in the past. Learn to do it their way. Doing things your way is a separate skill.

9. Focus on what you're doing well, not your shortcomings. Instead practise your weaknesses instead of dwelling upon them.

10. Practise can make perfect (sometimes)!
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