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episode no 5 The Life and Times of a DC Salsero

Even though they went to breakfast after Lucky Bar and did not get in until 3am, Roberta and Juan Carlos were both up at the crack of dawn pecking away on their lap tops handling their business. They both were not only salsa- holics they were work a -holics  as well. They worked until about 1pm went to lunch downtown and headed straight back to dance at the studio. It was when they were dancing together is when they seemed to have the best time with one another. . They took a nap and got ready for Michelle Reyes Birthday party at Barking Dog.  After the nap Roberta said she wanted to go shopping but she really had to meet a  friend,  a friend she definitely did not want Juan Carlos to know about .

After the meeting they go to the Barking Dog in Bethesda  for Michelle Reyes Birthday celebration. Roberta was impressed with Dj Mike "El Sonero" Morales play list and could not wait to hear him Saturday at the SOS Pool Party .

She was also excited about taking classes tomorrow with PsyonMauricio who she knew from Chicago when he was then named  Dee Scott at the Mambo Suite on Connecticut Ave . She likes the small class concept.

Nick Johnson , owner of Club LA had been around the block once of twice before. His lady Helena was fine before they got to Clarendon Grill last night. Something there upset her and he was going to find out what it was. He had decided to have Helena followed by his First Cousin Slim Johnson a well known salsa holic who just happens to be a private detective. Slim was always at the salsa club so you never knew wether he was spying on you or just getting his salsa fix attended to. The words Club Whatever  still kept ringing in his ears

Hmmm! Will Slim Johnson Private detective  who is Nick Johnson's Club owner of Club LA  first cousin get the goods on Helena Nick Johnson's Lady ? Will Roberta and Juan Carlos ever do more that take naps together?

Will Nick Johnson find out that his lady is doing more than taking mambo lessons with Juan Carlos?

 Stay tuned for the next epsiode No 6

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