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episode no 6 of the Life and Times of a DC Salsero 

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episode no 8

Episode 6 of the Life and Times of a DC Salsero

Juan Carlos and Roberta got up at  6AM and worked all day long . They did not break for lunch or the customary1hour private dance party they normally have  in the new studio. They finally stopped at 4pm and went down to the Georgetown waterfront for some dinner. Afterward   they went to the StuckOnSalsa Mambo Suite and hung out with Julio Perez and his crew who drove all the way  from Norfolk Va  to learn some on2 moves from GoGo Earl and Psyon Mauricio.

From there they went to hang out in Baltimore with Susan Leiter and her crew over at Club Uno in Baltimore. From there they rush back to catch DJ Andy's last set at Zanzibar. As you can see Juan Carlos and Roberta both work hard and play hard.

 Nick Johnson was starting to build a case against his lady Helena. The fact that there is some doubt means the relationship will never be the same. This relationship is on rocky terms. Come to think of it Helena never danced on2 until she started taking classes with Juan Carlos. And she is always talking about how great  an instructor he is , and come to think of it she never ever misses his class. HMMMM???? It looks like she wanted to broaden her horizons in more ways than just dancing on 1 and on2


Nick calls Slim Johnson private detective and tells him to keep an eye on Helena when ever he sees her at CLub Whatever. He does not tell him who he suspicious of he just tells Slim Johnson private detective to report on her actions.


HMMMMM? Will Juan Carlos and Roberta chill on Thursday night and  get ready for Tony Nardolillo's party tomorrow at Divinos or will they go to Club Five and get those$1.00 drinks from 9:30 pm until 11pm


epsiode no 8

Episode no 7

It's her ring . Juan Carlos gives all the ladies that he is involved with their separate rings so he never needs to look at his caller id. This ring was getting ready to be eliminated from his phone any way because she had broken the Cardinal rule. She had become too involved. She had been ringing his phone off the hook ever since she saw him with the out of town chick named Roberta at the Clarendon Grill, and he has been ignoring her calls.

Finally answering her call he proceeds to tell her immediately that it is over and he does not want to see her any more and that she should get a new mambo instructor because he was no longer giving her private lessons.


She knew it was coming but this guy was cold hearted , he acted like it was no big thing for him to tell her it was over. He sounded like he had never met her at all. Lucky for her since she is being followed by Slim Johnsom private detective , his reports will come up showing no hanky panky going on and Nick Johnson will be thrown off the case. Or will he?

Friday night at Divino's was hot as all the hot dancers met to celebrate Tony Nardolillo's Birthday. He had a heck of a Birthday dance. Roberta had a great time at Divino's . She also met Kelvin Harris one of the partners of at Divnos and she was invited to the SOS Pool party.

Club Whatever was happening on Friday night as the DC Salsa Congress was finally out of the systems of the DC Salseros. Club Whatever usually has  a great crowd becaue they have a great wood dance floor and they play nothing but salsa and mambo in the main room. They have great DJs and sometimes they have live music.

Nick was acting strangely to his lady Helena and she was picking up on it. She confronts him and tells him if he keeps acting strange , it will be over real quick.



Will Nick tell her not only will it be over quick it's over now. or will he feel foolish after Slim Johnson private detective tells him nothing is going on.with his ex lady Helena.



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