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epsiode 10 of the Life and Times of a DC Salsero 

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The Life and Times of a DC Salsero episode 10

When we last left Helena had just been dropped by her lover Juan Carlos and her man Nick Johnson. In her office she fainted after receiving walking papers from Nick Johnson . Was it a case of her being pregnant and not knowing who the father is like on all soap operas? No Helena was a diabetic and had not taken her insulin or eaten all day. She was not pregnant. She did not go to the SOS pool party because she went down to Chris Soto's party in Miami. The pool  party was a blast bit every one was focusing on Sheila McNeil and Nick Johnson hanging around each other all day .

Roberta had a great week in DC and promised to come back to DC  for the SOS two year anniversary party. She thought DC was a great salsa town, she loved Juan Carlos' dance studio in his house and though curious on why he never made a move she liked the fact that he treated  her with the utmost respect. She was beginning to like him and was starting to feel bad about why she really came to hang out with him. If you remember she had a meeting with a mysterious man  while in DC but we will get back to that later.  

Juan Carlos was glad the pool party and The Salsa Congress and all the crazy salsa activity in town was over so more people would be coming out to CLub Whatever. He really liked Roberta and could not wait until she came back to DC. He found out that Nick and Helena had broken up and he was thinking to himself damn Helena is having a rough week.

Juan Carlos was trying to get Kelvin and GoGo Earl of StuckOnsalsa to throw a big send off party for their cruise at Club Whatever but they want to have their send off party in Miami. He told them they could have one here and in Miami. GoGO Earl has been acting real funny lately, Juan Carlos thinks he has not gotten over that weak social he had on the weekend of the Congress and it has been putting a strain on their friendship because Earl  will not get over it.

Nick Johnson calls Sheila McNeil and asks her to be his date for the SOS two year anniversary.

HMMM will GoGo Earl get over the fact that he had a weak social ? Will Sheila and Nick go to the SOS two year anniversary together


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