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Earl Rush
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life and times of dc salsero episode 2 

The Life and Times of a DC Salsero

episode 2

Her name was Roberta and that's all she said . He did not ask her for her full name because the way she could dance her last name was the last thing on Juan Carlos' mind. She was a wheeler and a dealer just like Juan Carlos and had her own successful advertising business and always since graduating from Howard   she was caller  of her own shots.  She had met Juan Carlos a week ago at Club Whatever a salsa club in DC while there for the DC Salsa Congress. She left the hotel because she said it was too hot in there too many people were dancing and having a great time but the air conditioner was not at full blast. and  for one of the few times of her life she had to get out of the kitchen because she could not take the heat.

So she went over to Club Whatever for what every one goes there for and that is for some "Whatever"

She met Juan  Carlos and they danced the night a way , and unfortunately for the club owner they had plenty of room to dance since every one was at the Congress. She danced equally well on 1 and on2   A great beginning his kind of lady. . Next thing she knows she is accepting his invitation to come and hang out in Washington  for a week to show her how we do it here in DC.

He meets her at the airport . they have lunch and race straight to his home. They cannot wait to be alone to dance in his new dance studio Juan Carlos had just built into his home. They have a 1 hour private party in the new studio and then take a nap together on the couch to get ready for Clarendon Grill and Keith Givens intermediate class. There was no kind of funny business going on during the nap because at this moment it was not that kind of  party..........


Episode 3 "The life and times of a DC Salsero"

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