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Salsa Tips for Beginners

Salsa dancing is a very sensuous style of dance which is very popular all over the world. If you are a keen dancer, maybe you've been to ballet or tap classes before, then you are sure to pick up the rhythm and the movements of salsa quite easily.


If you have a passion for dancing and you often attend classes like zumba or aerobics during the week, unlike your friends who prefer to stay in and watch TV or play foxy bingo, then it sounds like you have the passion and the flare to take up salsa dancing. But before you begin, you might be interested in reading a few do's and don't of salsa.


Always attend lessons which suit your ability and don't be tempted to rush ahead to a more advanced class even if you're picking it up well.

It's a great idea to ask people of all abilities to dance with you. Dancing with someone more experienced than you will test your salsa skills, while dancing with someone less experienced than you will get you perfecting the basics.

Practising salsa regularly helps you to improve much quicker so why not rehearse a little bit at home too?

If there's anything you don't quite understand, it's worth asking the teacher. The last thing you want is to struggle with a dance sequence for the whole lesson.


You will be dancing pretty close to your partner so don't have bad breath or wear yesterday’s gym clothes.

Nobody likes a show-off so even if you're progressing really well try not to boast about it.

Never think that you have to bring a partner to a salsa class because an awful lot of people don't. You will probably be asked to swap partners anyway so everyone gets to dance with new people. 
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