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Sheila McNeil interviews The Angry Salsero 

Shela McNeil interviews the Angry Salsero



When we last left the Angry Salsero he was running around crying about performances by Djs in general.Previous Angry Salsero complaints

This time he takes a shot a couple of promoters that you all know very well.




Sheila McNeil : Mr.Salsero why are you so angry this time?


The Angry Salsero " I know you got your little Betcha  Didn't Know column honey but who are you to ask me why I am so angry.


Sheila McNeil : You may know about my column but  I Betcha Didn't know I will put the wolves on you  I 'll put a price oin your head and make you wish you never  never ever ever disrespect me again . My mother did not raise no salsa punk. You can't be angry with me because you don't know so me   so get on with what's got you sp upset..


The Angry Salsero : I am angry because Earl and Kelvin and the rest of that StuckOnsSalsa crew are running around having mad crazy parties, Three Day parties , Celebrity launch parties  like the one they had for you. I mean come on your column aint all that . It just started. Oh my bad I guess that is why it was called a Launch party to begin . Okay I am not angry  about . I mean they had a couple of alright parties The Party at Zanzibar that was alright , The Resolution Jam was alright , The Spring Fever Jam with Liz and Jose was tight  but my parties are more hotter then their's but no one doesn't come to my parties even though mine are hotter.


Sheila McNeil :" Mr Salsero how long have you been drinking hate juice . You are being angry about nothing. Why don't you just go to the parties and enjoy them just like everyone else does.? It's just a party , it's just salsa , why all the drama? And  while we are  here,  if no one is going to your parties how are they hotter than StuckOnSalsa's parties?  I think you need to face salsa reality and realize your parties are not hot and this could be why you angry.


The  Angry Salsero : No I am angry because the first time those SOS clowns had a venue it lasted 4 weeks and I was laughing like crazy.and what about Club Mate? That lasted one day


Shela McNeil: You just don't get it Mr. Salsero.  Those 4 weeks were pivotal in forming the reputation of SOS. It let people know  that you when go to a StuckOnsalsa party you  were always going to have a good time dancing at their parties and that's all people want to do.  As far as Club Mate well every venue cannot be  a success,  that night Gardel's had a Thousand dollar dance contest , which one do you think people were going to go to.

The Angry Salsero : But I just don't understand I have been throwing parties for years , I deserve some of the attention and props , what about me .?  I have been throwing a Tuesday night thing   where a least 13 people come every week. I have been consistent for 10 years. These guys have been around for two years and  they are having All Star Salsa cruises , already booked for the cruise for next year, they are having a party in Miami before they leave ,they are  having BYOB masquerade parties , I got to admit I aint mad about the BYOB as a mater of fact I  am  going to take that $4.00 that I spend at the club for a bottle of water and go to Shoppers and buy me a case of bottled water and even have some for my friends, and dance all night  long, at the BYOB affair.


Sheila Mc Neil: Have you ever thought about having a party with SOS?


The Angry Salsero : Yes I approached them, gave them my resume told them I had been in the game for 10 years told them about my Tuesday night thing and GoGo Earl  by the way what kind of  name is that for a supposedly hard core salsero . He should at least call his self Senor GoGo . He told me he did not see me bringing any thing to the table and he had a bad back and did not feel like carrying some 10 year loser for a ride.


Sheila Mc Neil : Thank you Mr. Salsero we just found out why you  are so angry. Go Go Earl told you to take a hike and you caught feelings.

Well I have known Earl for a while and he will always tell you what's on his mind whether you ask him or not. Well Mr.Salseo thank you for helping us get to the bottom of why you are so  angry.




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