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Earl Rush
CEO and founder of Stuckonsalsa
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The Angry Salsero 

Dance Groups by the Angry Salsero


I love to see good performance groups when I go to the Congresses and 1 or 2 at a salsa party if they are good but I don't like the fact that when dancers join groups they don't go regular social dancing because they just go  to practice. It pisses me off when the salsa scene gets rolling but dies down because none of the good dancers are going out any more because they are in a group and they are tired from practicing all the time.

I just don't get it. What happened to just going out and having fun. After the routine is done 4 or 5 times it gets old and nobody wants to see the routine any more any way.That's why  I am angry

StuckOnSalsa has nothing to do with the views of the Angry salsero

, "Please clear the dance floor so that we can present our performers for tonight."  Performers?  Oh G-D, not a performance! This can't be happening again.  I hustled all the way down here in the middle of the week, paid a cover charge at a so-called dance club on the only night of the week that they play salsa just to watch someone else dance.  These performances are cutting into my salsa time, the time I dedicate to dancing.  They are eroding the quality of my leisure time.   If I wanted to watch a performance, I  would've gone to the Kennedy Center, or stayed home and watched music videos.  I  don't go salsa dancing at a dance club to watch other people dance.   Standing on the edge of the dance floor watching someone else have fun dancing salsa is just not fun, it's more like having a root canal. 

So, as the crowd dutifully obeys the dictator on the microphone commanding them to stop having fun, and the DJ takes 3 tries to find the right track (I guess he's not from out-of-town after all), and the announcer fills time by talking about all the future salsa nights that are going to be filled with performances ("...and next week  we're going to have all the groups performing at the Bosnian Salsa Congress, and then after the Congress we're going to have them all perform again without the mistakes so they can practice for the Galapagos Island Salsa Congress, and the week after that we're going to celebrate aliens from outer space night by having 17 dance groups, so please mark your calendars and get here early!"),  I  linger around the edges of the crowd hoping it won't be so bad.  Then, somehow the announcer finally shuts up, the Cro-Magnon in the DJ booth finds the right track, and the performers enter the dance floor and start their thing.  They're good---mostly death-defying tricks that I can't use socially, and the lady could loosen up a little and the guy doesn't have to loosen up so much, but they're good.  Then it's over, the crowd applauds politely and they exit the dance floor.  Thank G-d that's over.  But then comes the time when people try to recapture the spirit.  Some people start to chill and decide to make it an early night, some people sit down and start chatting with their friends, and some brave souls (bless their hearts!) try to revive the night by dancing to the folkloric themes that the Cro-Magnon has started to play, but above all, the mood has changed, and for me the night is over.

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