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The Life and Times of a DC Salsero 


The Life and Times of a DC Salsero episode no 12

The night had finally come ,GoGo Earl and Kelvin Harris had been pumping up this 2 year anniversary since last year . They made sure that they had a special place for the event. It was a special place , it had a stage , a large wood dance floor, free parking and three of salsa 's hottest djs in Dj Elvira, Dj Andy, and Dj Jose Rodriguez  along with Sam Rodriguez bringing his clave sticks and congas . It was a special night for sure. Juan Carlos owner of Club Whatever never leaves the club but he knew if he did not make it to his good friend GoGo Earl's party Go Go Earl would be petty and have a attitude with him for months and he would not have a StuckOnsalsa party no time soon at Juan's Club. GoGo would tell Kelvin something bad about Juan and Kelvin would say well we don't have to have a party there we can go elsewhere

That was not the only reason Juan Carlos went to the event , he new there would be a lot of people in from out of town so he would go there and mingle and make contacts and hope when they were in town and not for a SOS event there would comE to his club Club Whatever.Juan Carlos danced on1 and on2 so he was having a ball dancing with people at the party with all the different styles as there were there from all over the country.

Nick Johnson never leaves his club Club LA eithere  and he could care less wether GoGo Earl got mad at him or not  he was there for a different reason He was there hoping to see MS. Sheila McNeil , he knew she was going to be there because she was part of SOS and plus she called him and told him she was going to be there with no date to tie her up all night. He had been taking classes with Shaka and Dee so he could get his on2 up to par. He had danced La Style all his life and never considered dancing on2 until he met Sheila McNeil  a big on2  Mambo snob. He knew if he was going to get anywhere with her he had to learn how to dance on2 .

There she was she was making hewr entrance as everyone was telling her how good she looked and how they were happy to see her. Every one loves Sheila McNeil because she is such  a breath of fresh hair. She knows everybody and speaks to every one. She is not in any clique she is in everybody's clique.

Roberta from Chicago was there  paryty but did not tell Juan Carlos she was coming into town even after they had been kicking it with each other just 2 weeks ago . Juan Carlos goes up and asks her to dance and she says yes.

Nick has his first mambo dance ever and he did pretty well , Shaka and Dee did the best they could for some one who had been dancing on1 all their life. Sheila was impreesed with his timing and little shines and they were just having a ball.

Hmmmm will Nick and Sheila leave together now that Nick can dance on the clave? Will Juan Carlos ask Roberta why she did not tell him she was coming to Washington.? Will GoGo Earl,and Kelvin have a party at Juan Carlos Club since he cane to the Party?


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