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Earl Rush
CEO and founder of Stuckonsalsa
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Monday, September 26 2011
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Monday, September 26 2011
I am honored and excited to be writer for  I will be writing articles about Salsa happenings in Washington, DC  Here is my first article
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Thursday, September 15 2011
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Wednesday, September 14 2011
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Wednesday, September 07 2011
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Wednesday, September 07 2011
Recouperating nicely from my salsa O.D. The NYC Salsa Congress this year was extraordinary. A salsa heaven on earth. I even got to dance on stage with Earl Rush, while Frankie Morales and his Mambo of the Times Orq. played. What a thrill. Thanks to everyone involved for making it such a unforgetable experience. Special Thanks to John Choco Knight.
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    • Irene Morales Pero Carmencita! You Actually belong on a Stage!! You dance out of this world...always enjoyed watching your groovy moves..NICE!! LAdydragon
      17 hours ago ·
    • Carmen Calenzani Thank you so much. I never really cared for that attention, but now that I did it I want more. To bad my partner on stage lives in D.C..
      14 hours ago ·
    • Joanne DePinto Carmen - u rocked it on that stage. When I looked up & saw u n Earl up there on that stage, my smile was from here to eternity. No one dances like you - congratulations for your honor. xoxoxo
      9 hours ago ·
    • Earl Rush Carmen it is always a pleasure dancing with you but to be on stage with you at the New York Salsa Congress is something I will never forget
      8 hours ago ·
    • Joanne DePinto Earl, you definitely rocked it too!
      8 hours ago ·
    • Earl Rush Thanks or the kimd words Joanne
      8 hours ago · · 1 person
    • Joanne DePinto U r welcome Earl - u r sooo fun to dance with - n you do a mean house dance. I saw u out there in the lobby getting down on that floor - literally. Love ur spirit - salsa for life!!!
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All Interviews can be viewed on our fb page Straight Up Talk with Earl Rush` THIS TUESDAY DECEMBER 8, 2020 at 730 pm Interview with Eileen Torres

Posted by Earl Rush onĀ Monday, December 7, 2020
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