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Friday, October 25 2013
We just added another hour and a half of dancing at the Sunday Latin Party at Lucky Strike
Don't Miss our crazy halloween Party this Sunday Oct 27 2013 at Lucky Strike

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Friday, October 18 2013

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Thursday, October 17 2013

Dancer Level Chart
by Betto Herrera

Keep in mind that a dancer on a certain level can also have strengths or weaknesses that are characteristic of a different level. Below, we created a general overview of 9 levels that dancers fall into to help you distinguish your level and which classes are right for you.


Raw Beginner -- If you are taking your first class. You are just learning your three basics steps and basic turns.

Intermediate Beginner.-- You should know how to lead and follow 'Cross Body Leads', left and right turns, and extensions.

Advanced Beginner -- You should be able to lead and follow 'In and Outs', 'Cross Body Leads' with turns, double turns, proper spinning prep, double spins and basic shines.


Beginning Intermediate -- You should be able to get a double spin on your own. You are leading and following basic patterns and variations in tune with the music. You continue developing your shines and begin to include them in every dance.

Intermediate Intermediate -- You begin to flow, connecting turn patterns together with fewer basics in between. You start adding double turns to your basic moves. You are now able to lead and follow more challenging partner and foot work and you begin to experiment with styling.

Advanced Intermediate -- You have a complete understanding of your footwork when leading and following; double turns are no problem and you can change directions from spinning one way to the other with ease. At this level your own style starts to develop. You are beginning to experiment with your turn patterns and body movement.


Beginning Advanced -- You can figure out how to lead or follow any move with ease, your turn pattern footwork is impeccable, you are starting to play more with the music, and you go from one move to the next without thinking about it. You are able to lead unrehearsed moves. You follow pretty much everything they throw at you, responding quickly to the lead. You are able to complete 3 spins consistently. Your styling is feeling more natural and in tune with the music. You don't feel awkward to play around with your partner.

Intermediate Advanced -- You are so in tune with the music, you don't think about anything else but the music. There are no secrets left for you, everything is clear as water. You have found your personal style and often improvise on shines. You are able to bring the best out of any other lower level dancer; you complete 4 or more spins fairly consistently.

Advanced / Professional -- You clear the floor every time you and your partner dance. You are able to put on a show by yourself. Your understanding of the music is impeccable and you can hit all the changes, accents, pauses, syncopations, slow and fast parts of a song without thinking about it. You are not listening to the music anymore, but you are part of it. Your body is another instrument that plays along with the song you are dancing to. You make spinning look effortless and you consistently complete 5 or more spins with eas
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Friday, October 11 2013

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Wednesday, October 09 2013

We usually have so much going on at Our Holiday weekend parties at the Sunday Latin party at Lucky Strike you need a Salsa Bachata score card to keep up with what is going on
Bamm ! Here you go !

Hennessy and Belvedere Promotional Drink Specials See my Main man Larry Snyder for details

Cowgirls oops I mean Cowboys and Redskins Game viewing party

Danielle Dahrouj Birthday celebration

All Bachata class 8pm until 8:45pm with PsyniiGianni Scott in the VIP Bachata Kizomba Lounge

Beg On 2 class on the Balcony at 8pm until 8:45pm with Earl Rush

Adv Beg/Inter On 2 with PsyniiGianni Scott 8:45pm until 9:30pm om the Balcony

On1 Footwork class with StuckOnSalsa crew 8:45pm until 9:30pm

Resident dj DJ D.j. Renzo in the Main Room playing Salsa Bachata Merengue ChaChaCha ( Cuban Shuffle , The Wobble and some more ish) 9:30pm until 2:30 am

Special Guest Dj DJ Nova playing Bachata and Kizomba in the VIP Bachata and Kizomba Lounge


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Wednesday, October 02 2013
  • RSVP and send your names by 4PM on Oct 4th DIRECTLY to: to get your discounted rate (admission is $15 but just $8 for us, the DC Salsa Meetup). No exceptions. 

    Embassy Row Hilton

    2015 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC (edit map)

  • Meetup, party, & dance with the DC Salsa Meetup and the International Club of DC (ICDC)! Watch a spectacular sunset and enjoy a Latin dance party under the stars with one of Washington DC's best bands  Sin Miedo and beautiful views of the DC skyline!

    Join us to watch a spectacular sunset and enjoy a Latin dance soiree under stars as you dance the night away to our live band. The evening includes free salsa and lessons offered at the beginning to help you learn and brush up on your dance steps prior to the dance party. Join us on your own or with friends to learn how to dance and enjoy a night of dancing under the stars with illuminated monuments at a distance as you meet ICDC members.

    Come early for the dance lesson at 7:30 PM!

    Located just one block away from the Red Line, Dupont Circle Metro Stop!

    P.S. In the event of inclement weather, the event will be inside a ballroom in the hotel.

    Here is what the last event looked like

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Tuesday, October 01 2013

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All Interviews can be viewed on our fb page Straight Up Talk with Earl Rush` THIS TUESDAY DECEMBER 8, 2020 at 730 pm Interview with Eileen Torres

Posted by Earl Rush onĀ Monday, December 7, 2020
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