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Earl Rush
CEO and founder of Stuckonsalsa
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Tuesday, January 15 2013
For the first time in it's existence , The Resolution Jam was turned into a Weekend affair .
Over 1,000 Salseros and Bachateros came through the Salsa Room on Friday and Sat night .

The crowd were hungry for to start there year off right like the normally do at the Annual Resolution Jam  The  Djs the stars of the show did not disappoint , and the Performances were fantastic . What a way to start the year off I danced doe about 10 hours on Friday and Sat night
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Tuesday, January 15 2013
Washington is such a transient town and so business like all the time. People are coming and going all the time. And because of people's  busy schedule no one has the time to commit to being in  a professional dance group  It takes several years for a troupe to dance together and create the chemistry between dancers that it takes to become a polished professional dance team  and not may people have the passion ,the time or maybe the desire to pull it off
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Tuesday, January 15 2013
Click Image  below for  details of Washington' s DC 2 hottest Salsa and Bachata Parties for the Inauguration Weekend

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Tuesday, January 08 2013
I will be sharing more thoughts on my blog about what's happening In the DC Salsa Area  Updating my blog with a lot more interesting tidbits besides a video every now 
 I will also be sharing my thoughts on events that I have attended  and giving  reviews and posting upcoming events as well
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All Interviews can be viewed on our fb page Straight Up Talk with Earl Rush` THIS TUESDAY DECEMBER 8, 2020 at 730 pm Interview with Eileen Torres

Posted by Earl Rush onĀ Monday, December 7, 2020
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