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Tuesday, February 21 2023

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Sunday, February 12 2023

De'Jon Polanski

2d  · 

💯There are great dancers, great social dancers, great social performers, great demo performers, great solo dancers, great teachers, great students, great showcase performers, great competitors, great choreographers, great social media content creators, great brand builders and people who are great at partying in the organized latin dance scene/circuit. All of which are separate individual journeys that require lots of hours of intentional learning, application, reflection and growth in order to truly understand each one of these skills.

For example, my favorite social dancer in the world in the world does not teach and understands the he does not have the patience or skill set to do so because he has focused all of his energy into learning social and applying what he has learned in social dance environments around the world for more than a decade. But has never set out to learn how to teach. I have also come across some of the best teachers in the world who are not good at performing or choreography at all. We have all experienced amazing performers who lack the ability to connect to music, themselves and a partner simultaneously in an improvisation social dance setting……..

I am not saying that anyone has to possess all of these skills in order to be a complete dancer. I’m not saying that anything is wrong with being one and not the other. I’m saying that as a scene we must start to asses the strengths and weaknesses of the dancers/artists that we hire in order to put them in position to execute at the highest level based on their strengths and the intention of the event if there is any (usually there isn’t). And stop forcing puzzle pieces that do not match based on branding alone. We cannot continue to keep throwing a bunch of headliners on a fliers with zero intentionality and hoping magic will happen. We cannot keep telling students that they will become better social dancers by joining performance teams as absolute beginners with zero fundamentals and creating choreography robots who do not truly understand the cultural art form that they aim to showcase onstage. The list does not stop there….

True growth in the scene begins with placing the “right asses in the right seats” as my old college business/marketing professors would say.

Hope that we read this post as organizers, dancers, artists and students and reflect on our intentional growth as a community. — thinking about tomorrow.

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Saturday, January 28 2023

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Sunday, January 22 2023

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Friday, January 20 2023

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Friday, January 20 2023

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Tuesday, March 02 2021

Straight Up Talk with Earl Rush celebrates Women's History Month Series starts tonight March 2, 2021 The Straight Up Talk with Earl Rush Women's History month series Kicks off tomorrow with an interview with Nora Suzuki lead siger of Japan’s Orquesta De La Luz NOTE SPECIAL TIME 9:30 pm est You can view the live stream here I have exciting news about the March lineup for Straight Up Talk with Earl Rush. March is Women’s History Month. To commemorate this occasion women will be the focus in March. Here’s a sneak peek into the women that will be highlighted. Nora, the lead singer for Japan’s Orquesta De La Luz will be the first guest on Tuesday, March 2 at a special time 9:30 PM to accommodate the time difference in Japan. The following week March 9 2021 at 7:30 pm , Cita Rodriguez vocalist with the Mambo Legends Orchestra will be joining us for an insightful chat. Cita is the daughter of Fania legend Pete “El Conde“ Rodriguez. March 16 20201 at 7:30 pm The fabulous Choco Orta will be our special guest March 23, 2021 The dynamic Lucy Grau will be our special guest March 30,2021 All female dj forum My friend and one of my metors Eileen Torres will be co-hosting these shows He WILL pull through! He’ll just require a little help along the way 🙏❤️ WAYS TO HELP: ———————— 1. Donate and/or share the Go Fund Me. This the official recovery fund for Sami: 2. Purchase a “Shirt for Selo.” 100% of the proceeds go towards the official recovery fund for Sami: Coming to DC 2021 Post Covid- The DC Salsa Marathon Halloween Weekend October 29-31, 2021! Stay Tuned for More Details! 3 Nights/2 Days Salsa Marathon 100% Social Dance Event 16hrs of Dance each day All Inclusive Food/Water No Performances No Workshops When Covid started GoGo Earl created a Sports Talk show Join us every Wednesay night live on fb at 8 pm as the Fellas talk the hottest Sports topics CLICK Bannner to purchase on demand virtual classs from top instructors from around the world Check out these awesome Hot Sauce and marinade products.

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Friday, October 30 2020

Are you  kidding me ?

I get to interview Frankie Vazquez and Jaime Andres  about their upcoming collabration 

for their new track to premiere in November 2020 

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Thursday, April 16 2020
An Interview with Earl Rush - DC
JJ: Go-Go Earl, you are one of the funniest, most entertaining individuals that I have ever come across. Where did you get the nick-name Go-Go Earl?

GGE: I started out going to see the legendary Chuck Brown every day at the GoGo and he  and the boys in the neghbor gave the name GoGo Earl which back in the day was a honor given to the best dancers at the GoGo and my friends kept continued to call me that the rest of my life.

JJ: Your website out of DC is huge! How did you and Kelvin get started?
GGE: We were starting a social at a place called Maxim's on Sundays and we wanted to advertise our party, so we decided to create a website to create interest in the parties we were planning to have.


JJ: As a man of many styles of dance, what attributes do you think a salsa dancer should have in order to be considered "great?"

GGE: I think he should be able to break on 1 and on 2 almost as equally as well, be able to dance Cha Cha, be able to size up his partners skills in the 1st minute of the dance, be able to dance with his partner and make sure she leaves the dance floor with a smile on her face.


JJ: StuckonSalsa has some of the best Salsa parties in the world. What's the secret? Please, we need your help in Atlanta :)

GGE: There is no secret. It is a plain and simple plan and here it is: Salsa dancers only want to do one thing and that is dance. So you keep your plan simple. Make your place conducive for dancers, Have plenty of open space, a DJ that plays good dance music and a dance surface that will be comfortable for dancers to dance on for 6 hours, a place with convenient parking and a location that is easy to get to for most people.

JJ: Where would you rate the DC salsa scene in comparison to other the major cities that you have visited?

GGE: I think DC ranks right up there - somewhere in the top three.

JJ: Any additional comments you would like to share?

GGE: I feel honored that you asked me to participate in this forum.


JJ: Stuck on Salsa is approaching its second year. Congratulations!! You guys had a big year this past year. Can you take a moment to reflect on some of the most memorable moments of the year of SOS?

GGE: Johnny there were so many but I will try to be short because I know you are a busy man with all the great work you have been doing with the publication. Coming to Atlanta and back to Washington, DC with Liz Lira and the guys from Hollywood coming to a StuckOnsalsa party to scout dancers for their movie project were experiences I will never forget. The party that we had in November called " The party" where you and people from all over the country came to support SOS was another great time. Choco and Nancy Ortiz's Party where I got to dance with a lot of A-listers from New York was also hot, along with the PR and New York Congresses.

JJ: You guys have the All-Star Salsa Cruise coming up soon. This is a highly anticipated event within the salsa community. It is also a very unique one as well. What inspired you guys to take on the task?

GGE: Kelvin Harris my partner is always thinking big, he wanted to do something that no one else was doing . Albert Torres and David Melendez pretty much run the Salsa Congress circuit in this country. There have been Salsa cruises but none that has had the lineup that we will be having on our Cruise. We looked at the dollars and cents of the situation and figured out it was cheaper to go on a cruise then to to travel to a Congress for an individual. You can spend the same amount of money that you would spend on a Congress and get 4 meals a day on the cruise. We also find out there were a lot of people who had never been on a cruise let alone a Salsa cruise.

JJ: What do you guys have planned during the upcoming year?

GGE:In the next year we will finalize the plans to make the All-Star Salsa cruise an annual event. We are bringing back the Sunday Social twice a month starting May 15, 2005 . We have our 2 year anniversary on Saturday June 25, 2005 . We will be having our annual SOS pool party coming up this summer.We will bringing more instructors from out of town for workshop to keep the salsa scene in DC stimulated and we are putting all our efforts to help Shaka Brown and David Melendez make The DC Salsa Congress an event to remember. Be on the lookout for the Life and Times of a DC Salsero a half reality half fictional online soap opera

JJ: Any Additional Comments

GGE: Thanks Johnny so much for all of your support for StuckOnsala , a lot of people come to our site from the links that you put on your site and it is greatly appreciated. A quick Salsa shout to all of the StuckOnsalsa crew, Kelvin Harris, Sheila McNeil, Maribel Soto, Liz Pilatuna and Tony Nardoliilo, to my man in Atlanta Rick Greenfield who is the SOS correspondent in Atlanta, Jimmy Rumba and Randi Pearson La Style in Atlanta and to all the salseros who came out of town to party with StuckOnsalsa.

Earl Rush

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All Interviews can be viewed on our fb page Straight Up Talk with Earl Rush` THIS TUESDAY DECEMBER 8, 2020 at 730 pm Interview with Eileen Torres

Posted by Earl Rush on Monday, December 7, 2020
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